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Social Security Administration (SSA)

iSolutions provides SSA with SME Systems Maintenance in support of its web PolicyNet System and PolicyNet Content Publication System (PCPS).  PolicyNet is an agency-wide web system used by 78,000 agency and contractor personnel providing on-line access to policies, procedures, and instructions supporting SSA’s disability claims process across the United States.  PCPS is the authoring and publishing application that interfaces with the content authoring community and supplies content to PolicyNet.  Currently, there are over 30,000 policy web documents that iSolutions SME’s manage and assist SSA in updating an average of 7,000 changes each month.  iSolutions supports the update and maintenance of the Policy Repository application, which includes testing of the new releases and patch upgrades, the Program Policy Online (PPO) application, development of an eRPC application, and administration of the system.

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Defense Logistics Agency

The Department of Defense Electronic Mall (DOD EMALL) is an Internet-based ordering system designed and operated for use by DOD and other Federal and State agencies, and is funded and managed by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). DOD EMALL allows customers to browse through Internet-accessible electronic catalogs and compare products, price, delivery terms, and payment options, and then purchase the product that best suits their needs directly online. iSolutions contributes to the development system design features by providing Java programming, user interface, and Oracle WebLogic Server analysis and design support . This support contributes to the user experience, and integration between DLA’s ERP procurement systems and DOD EMALL - providing many functions and features from searching, to building a cart, to order processing and order status as well as supporting over 35,000 users globally, and approximately $800 million in annual procurement actions.